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Cory presenting at the Empowering Women Conference 2019 

With a wealth of experience in presenting to large and small groups, combined with a speaking style that motivates, uplifts and engages with honesty, energy and expertise, consider FORWARD if you are looking for a speaker or media contributor.  


We are always open to collaborating on projects and would be happy to discuss providing talks and workshops on a variety of Wellness Topics. Please Connect!  


Past topics include:

Anxiety 101


Setting and Crushing Goals 

Exercise and your Brain 

Running, Walking and your Mental Wellness 

The Psychology of Superheroes

What Does a Psychologist do?

Supporting Struggling Teens

Emotional Intelligence

Cultivating Gratitude 

Managing Adversity


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Finding Wellness for Yourself and Your Clients  - In November 2020, Cory provided a webinar for The Alberta Real Estate Association discussing looking after one's self and their clients in real estate. The topics covered are valuable across contexts! 

COVID -19 and ANXIETY - In April 2020, Cory was a guest on the In Your Area Podcast for the Alberta Real Estate Association discussing ANXIETY and strategies to deal with it during challenging times. Discussion topics include how anxiety can manifest in everyday life, how we can recognize it in ourselves and what we can DO about it!

In March, 2019, Cory was a guest on the In Your Area Podcast for the Alberta Real Estate Association. Speaking about wellness for those in the real estate industry, many of the topics reach beyond a real estate specific focus.


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Dear Exercise, Are you Free Later?

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