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FORWARD Psych Inc.

Welcome to FORWARD 

We are an independent, professional psychology practice in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 


We see clients IN-OFFICE, ONLINE and OUTDOORS. 


We offer RUN & WALK therapy for clients interested in a different approach to counselling.

FORWARD was founded following several years of entirely office-based psychotherapy practice. 


FORWARD exists as a blending of options for clients. Body and Mind are inseparable and we view Physically Active Talk Therapy© as a next step in the evolution of how we access, obtain and maintain holistic health and wellness.  


Seeing a psychologist is all about fit.

Check us out and see if we might be right for you!



Deciding to seek support is a big step for all of us. Above all, FORWARD Psychology & Wellness champions individuality, uniqueness, creativity and diversity.

We believe in focused and continuous FORWARD momentum toward GOALS, HEALTH, WELLNESS and the development of our BEST SELVES.

At FORWARD, YOU are in control. Regardless of how you access support, our approach is intentionally individualized and rests on a foundation of Positive Psychology - the scientific study of human flourishing. We are focused on helping clients move FORWARD in their lives. We help clients to develop solutions, and NEW WAYS of BEING.





Fees For Service

Fees for service with FORWARD reflect those recommended for psychologists by the Psychologist's Association of Alberta. Our fees are consistent across contexts for individual psychotherapy. Our fees for collaboration and consultation are discussed and agreed upon individually and we welcome all enquiries . Many benefits packages cover psychotherapy.  It is recommended that all prospective clients refer to their benefits coverage to determine how much of their fees may be covered by their benefits provider. 


Please keep in mind that the privacy and security of email communication cannot be guaranteed.


Please be mindful of what you share.


Our administrative support professional is responsible for managing emails directed to our 

Admin account and for voicemails.

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Do. Different.

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