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Our Clients

At FORWARD we provide psychotherapy in multiple settings and for a variety of challenges.


We work individually with adolescents and adults in-office, online and on the move. 


Our approach is intentionally individualized and rooted in Positive Psychology. We rely on Cognitive Behavioural, Solution-Focused and Narrative approaches to help our clients obtain and maintain balance and to live their best lives with passion. Our team is also trained in EMDR.

Personal Growth is a consistent element of our work with all clients. It is present in everything we do. Some clients come to see us because they are not sure if they need to see someone! Many have hit a lull, they've lost their passion or feel stuck in life. Our approach fits beautifully for clients wanting to challenge themselves, think outside of the box, colour outside of the lines; to get curious and creative. 

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What To See Us For

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Anxiety, Worry, Stress 

Anxiety is natural for all of us. In fact, we owe the survival of our species to it! While we never want to completely rid ourselves of anxiety, when one's anxiety, worry, or stress levels impact their life in significant ways - when it gets in the way - seems too big or unmanageable, or it impacts day to day living - we can help. Our approach includes safely and strategically helping clients understand their anxiety, monitor their physiological responses, and challenge themselves to safely gain insight, push through, feel their power and regain control!

Depression and Low Mood 

There are multiple variables that can effect mood and, for some, contribute to depression. When our mood is consistently low or we are depressed, we often lack energy, initiative and focus. We may struggle with the day-to-day and have a very difficult time finding joy. It can be hard to see the blue sky above the grey clouds. If you are feeling low and struggling with your mood, we can help you find ways to break up the clouds to reveal the blue sky, and help you move FORWARD with your life. 

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At FORWARD, we see individuals. When one is struggling with a relationship, whether it is with a partner, a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even a boss, things can seem overwhelming. It can be difficult to find our way, and we may even second guess our own choices and decisions. We can help you break through the current "stuck", help you cut through the clutter, and discover new ways of being. 

Life Changes and Transitions 

Change is difficult - sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Transitions are typically connected to change. Transitions may include school or career changes, a new partner, a break-up, the loss of a friend or loved one, or even an upcoming move. Whatever the adjustment, we aim to help you develop the strategies you need to move through, find balance, direction, contentment and peace.

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High Achievers 

We see a number of high achieving, FORWARD - focused individuals, looking to CONTINUE along their current path. Many of these clients are generally pleased with how things are going for them and they want to maintain their edge and focus. Our approach works wonderfully for those seeking to continuously evaluate their path, sharpen their focus, foster personal and professional evolution, and become even more dialed-in

Traumatic Experiences

We see individuals who are struggling with trauma. Trauma is a lasting emotional response to a distressing situation and is generally associated with feeling unsafe or helpless. Some symptoms may include: hyperarousal, difficulty sleeping, increased anxiety, lowered mood and many others. Counselling for trauma may include: increasing coping skills to deal with daily stress, identifying/managing triggers, processing traumatic memories to help reduce disturbance. 

Our team are trained in EMDR.

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